Saturday, May 18, 2013

 Brimfield, Massachusetts flea market. I had a wonderful time. I really love the colonial style homes and beautiful landscape.  Some photos from my trip.

Rodeo Royalty Roadshow
 My flea market finds.
 Gun-metal heart watch-I love that it still ticks.
 Sterling heart box.
 Vintage Parasol.

 Doily keeper.
 French 1920s fabric.

Monday, April 29, 2013

 Here are just a few photos of my week in Japan. Japan is one of my favorite countries to visit. I do not see very many Americans travel there since it is more of a place for business men, very expensive, many people do not speak English, and there is not too much for families to do in the city. I love to go there because I love the culture and the people. They are very humble and loyal people. They really seem to respect each other, have high morals, high standards, take care of their elderly, and treat their surroundings (i.e. home, public transportation, facilities,workplace) with respect as well. I have never seen such clean and well taken care of cities. Everyone has a place and a job and they all seem to do it with honor. I know that the country is not perfect, don't get me wrong... they do have high suicide rates because of the stress placed on these people, there is crime and gangs.

My point is only that I love the sense of community and the understanding by their people that it is important to love your country and take care of it. It's important to respect thy neighbor and treat people the way that you would want to be treated.
 Pretty wallpaper in a dressing room.
 Elevator at the mall.

 A typical Japanese flower shop. Always filled with a beautiful variety of flowers and color.
 A few things I brought back. I am probably strange for always taking pics of things I find, but I always find it interesting to see years later where I found certain things and it brings back memories of the fun times I had. I always say that Japan is like one big Hello Kitty store. I used to love that place as a kid and although I do not shop there now, my love for paper and crafting stuff has not changed.
My favorite find was the two hand painted teacups and rice bowls.

 A little birdie cup from I love Laura's work, she is always coming up with new ideas and creations for her Etsy store. 
 A beautiful crown and bow from my sweet friend Tausha - I love them so very much. She is a wonderful friend and I am very thankful to have met her through blogging. I love her shabby bohemian sense of style, and she always post the most gorgeous pics of her home along with her beautiful creations. I love how she is continuously looking for inexpensive ways to create the shabby chic look that we all love so much, but at a price that we can afford.

 I know that it is bad to be a clutter freak, but I always say that in my little craft room it is okay. So I have a little something in every nook and cranny. I love having something pretty to look at everywhere I turn and it is always fun to rearrange. So here is a pale pink cake stand with some millinery piled on top. May be too cluttered for some, but the mix mash of colors is so pretty to me.

Monday, April 8, 2013

 A few extra pictures of my craft room. These are some old photos from my camera and have no filter.

 Love my apron from Madeline L' Amour.

 A few more photos of my trip to Paris in March 2013. I added these to show all the snow. This was my view from the hotel room.

 I would have liked to go to the top of the Eiffel tower, but it was closed. 

 More pics of Laduree. The building is beautiful.

 Arc de Triomphe