Monday, April 8, 2013

 My Trip to Paris was wonderful. It snowed while I was there, which I have heard is rare. It was very beautiful, but extremely cold. Being from California I do not own clothes that are warm enough for the freezing weather so a few days of my trip there, I tried to stay inside as much as possible and sadly, I did not take nearly as many photos as I would have liked to. I thought I would at least share the ones I took with my iphone. I didn't take many with my camera either because it was entirely too cold to take off my gloves.
 The Louvre- I love to visit this museum and who wouldn't...The history is incredible and I love the wide open design of the building. I think I only ended up walking about one wing of the museum before my feet were hurting. It is definitely not easy to see the entire museum in one day. I like that children are free so if any of you visit with your kids, it is fairly inexpensive.
 Some pictures of the decor and architecture of the Louvre.

 Of course I could not go all the way to Paris and not visit Laduree. I was told that the building is actually newer, but made to look old. The original burnt down. I left with a small box a macaroons and the Marie Antoinette tea.  One day I would love to go back to the restaurant to have high tea. 

Here are some of my finds from one of the flea markets I went to on Saturday. I have found that the flea markets in Paris are about 3x more expensive than the U.S. The exchange rate doesn't help either. Since, I have always wanted to go to Paris to shop, I managed to buy a few things that I couldn't live without.

I did not purchase the Santos, just thought they were pretty and loved the patina. I also loved this heart end table, too bad it was extremely out of my price range. At least I can look and admire.

The pink velvet fleur was one of my favorites.
French postcards
This was a souvenir from the Louvre. A Marie Antoinette folder and umbrella.
I hope you all enjoy my pics. I apologize for being away so long I have not been feeling like myself lately. I really appreciate all of your very sweet comments.



  1. Amazing trip and great finds-LOVE!!!!!!
    Have a nice day dear!

    1. Thank you!! I had a very nice trip. I just wish the weather would have been a little warmer. It is so nice to hear from you. Thanks for checking in on me.

  2. Really you didn't have chance ! but yes this winter was exceptionally cold (The coldest since about 5 years !)
    About flea markets, yes inside PARIS it's more expensive, you cannot have really good prices. the bargains can be find in the surroundings during the week end, where people can sell, there you can find wonders for a few cents. But in the shops (so expensive to rent in PARIS) it is more difficult.
    Depends where you went.
    And, you weren't too long, it was a real pleasure to read you again.


  3. Thank you so much. I'm saved because you have a picture of the pink folder. I lost it on the train, and there were a lot of important things inside, and now I have a picture to show the staff to get it back! This must.