Monday, February 18, 2013

Craft supplies found at a flea market! I always love to find little bits of lace. I use them in embroidery projects, but hope to one day make a vintage lace apron.
Vintage chippy pink box on wheels, holds some of my special Shabby Chic Couture linens.
A few of my favorite books, I can never get enough of decorating and crafting books. They are the only books that I don't mind reading over and over again. 
Tiara from my Mother, she found this at Glitterfest a show that occurs two times a year in Anaheim, Ca. 
 French Shoes from Paris of them even though they are a little too small for my feet.
I love vintage millinery even though it can be so difficult to find. I try to mix some new flowers with the old.
 Some of my paintings, I am still learning so they are not perfect. I really love the delicate and soft look of watercolors.

 This is one of my favorite paintings, it reminds me of Cinderella and the birds that help her clean.

 Little handmade bear I found in Encinitas, Ca. My heart melts when I see cute little stuffed animals.
 A little bird I bought while having tea at Crown and Crumpet in San Francisco, Ca.
 Tiny dried rosebuds still smell so good and look just as beautiful.
Some vintage ribbon work. Sadly, silk does not last very well over time. I just thought even so, this little bag was so sweet and the colors remind me of spring.  I am already dreaming of having tea and scones on a bright sunny day in the lavender fields.

Monday, February 4, 2013

 Ruffle basket liner that I made for my vintage blueberry crate. I messed up a few times, but alas it is finished and I am happy enough with it.

 Some treasures from my friend Rachal Pallas at
 Sweetheart bracelets. I have a small collection of these.

 Heart Venetian mirror
 Small Maileg princess mouse. I love their stuff if you have children, it's so sweet. You can find many of their items at

 Italian Florentine tray and Italian wedding vases.

 Dress forms that I made.
 Monogrammed heart
 Valentine's Day Banner

Sweet heart from Anna Marie. Love it!! Perfect for Valentine's.
 Some cheap bows I found at an antique store. I love the ribbon.

 Some french ribbon found at an antique store in  Downtown Orange Circle.

 I made this large shabby chic rose with some left over ruffle from my basket liner that I made.
50s style Cinderella doll I made